Azziad Nasenya

Media personality and budding actress Azziad Nasenya has been forced to release an official statement clarifying if indeed she is among those flying to Paris alongside the Kenyan Olympic team.

On her X account the TikTok star wrote, "Hii story wangapi tunaanguka nayo?" as she shared her brief.

Azziad started by thanking her fan as she went on to explain the matter in detail.


"Thank you to my amazing online family for supporting my creative journey this far. I do not take this for granted. On that note, I need to make something clear. First of all, I am not part of the Kenya delegation to the Paris Olympics 2024," part of the post read

She went on to highlight that she no longer affiliated with the Ministry as Talanta Hela, the umbrella that she'd been employed under had gotten disbanded last year. 

"My Involvement with the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Creative Economy, and Sports was centered around the Creatives Technical Committee of the Talanta Hela Council, headed by Daniel Ndambuki AKA Churchill."


I was selected and mandated to represent the younger population in the Creatives Technical Committee. However, the committee was disbanded in June 2023. I've not involved myself since."

The actress maintained that her out-of-the-country trips are strictly self-funded or work-related whereby clients have flown her out and, "...never, as numerous, claimed, by the Government of Kenya,"

Doubling down on the travel speculations Azziad in part wrote, "there were allegations that I travelled to Dubai using money meant for renovating a stadium. At the time, I was in Dubai recording content for #VisitDubai campaign, a trip that was fully funded by the client."

The last of her official statement was a message to the Kenyan youth commending them for the unstoppable force that they have been as she offered condolences as well to families that had lost their loved ones in the fight for accountability and cost of living regulations. 

"I am proud of all that we have accomplished in addressing government accountability in the last few days.

My heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones while we fought for the future of our country. I have lent and will continue to lend my voice and my platform to support positive change in the country," the last of her post read. 

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