Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu can't seem to catch a break with the general public regarding her comments.

The mother of three is under fire for her seemingly tone-deaf remarks about losing 10k followers on Instagram during the Reject Finance Bill demonstrations.

Across different social media platforms, netizens have criticized the politician for being concerned over such trivial matters when many families lost their loved ones.

They argued that Karen lacked empathy and critical leadership skills, as it appeared her social media presence meant more to her than citizens' jobs and livelihoods.

This backlash forced the nominated senator to defend herself, claiming that her remarks were just a joke.

Miss Nyamu contended that she had spoken for a whole 18 minutes, but only the few seconds of her talking about Instagram followers had been picked up and blown out of proportion.

This controversy arose after Instagram users camped on her now "limited" comments section to call her out.

One user, identified as Gitonga_Murith, wrote, "People lost their lives, and you're talking about how you lost 10k followers. SHAME ON YOU, KAREN."

Responding to this, the mother of three said, "Hehehe, but I lost 10k followers. In a whole 18-minute submission, you only got the 5 seconds on followers? Lol, such a joker."

Her comment appeared to anger citizens even more, with people questioning what was so funny about Gitonga's comment.

She was reminded that she could always gain other followers, but people like Mama Rex and Daniel Chege's mom, who lost their kids to police brutality during the protests, would never get their children back.

In her defense, Karen wrote, "You missed hehehe. So, are we never supposed to laugh again? That guilt trip doesn't work on me."

A Nairobi photographer and creative director identified as Shem Obara also commented on the post, highlighting that netizens had personally asked him to cut ties with the nominated senator.

"Yaani someone has messaged me privately because they saw I'm following you, telling me to unfollow. Wacha nisikize Wakenya," Obara wrote, as he stuck to his word and unfollowed Nyamu's Instagram page.