Bahati's baby mama Yvette Obura

Digital content creator and entrepreneur Yvette Obura is currently battling struggles with her weight despite trying several tested and proved ways of helping one shed off weight.

The mother of one shared her woes on social media asking advice from netizens on what they think she should do more as well as ways that have worked for her as she cannot seem to hack the weight loss arena anymore.

Her remarks comes just a little over a year after she popped on social media with a new body, having shed off quite an impressive amount of weight. 


Yvette however notes since then she has been unable to lose weight again.

"A girl is frustrated! I have tried everything to lose weight!" Started off the content creator.

Detailing her journey she said, "I did intermittent fasting in 2019 up to 2021 and I lost around 15kgs. I stopped, went back at it again in around 2022 and lost some weight but since then a girl is not losing weight!"


Airing out her frustrations Yvette noted how over time she has tried working out and regulating her meals but nothing seems to be helping as the excess fat just doesn't want to go away.

She asked people to please be lenient with her and refrain from fat shaming or pointing out her weight when they come across her as at this point it is beyond her and she's frustrated.

"I have tried everything you can think of! But every time I step on that weighing scale I have added  kilos. I just keep on adding weight. Guys, if you meet with me and notice vile nimenona please  just leave me alone. Nielewe tu.

A girl is tired! I've tried everything and I'm tired," the mother of one emotionally said. 

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