Before the lockdown, Vera Sidika was in and out of the country, Most of the time, she would share photos and videos of the luxurious places she was visiting.

Well, in a  recent Instagram session, she asked her fans to ask her questions. When asked which celebrities she's met, she listed the likes of Chris Brown, Tyga, Future, Drake, Jamie Fox, Kendall Jenner and French Montana

When asked why she settles for less in a relationship, Sidika came all out explaining that she has dated billionaires before and that dating a man that is not rich is not settling for less.

She explained how lonely she was when dating her ex rich boyfriends who provided for her but were not there for her emotionally.

She is currently dating singer Brown Mauzo after breaking up with Otile Brown. Before that she was in a relationship with Tanzanian doctor, Jimmy Chansa.

Prior to that, she had exposed her rich Nigerian boyfriend for being violent to her while in Dubai.

She wrote;