Anele Tembe was fiancee to South African rapper AKA. Tembe died after falling from the 10th floor of a hotel in Cape Town.

This weekend, a funeral service was done and family and friends paid tribute to the 22-year-old.

Moses Tembe, Anele's dad wrote a letter to his late daughter which described her as a person who was full of life


He also praised the rapper for being loving to his daughter Anele,

“Her wish was to fall in love and get married to a man that would be the father of her children....She fell in love with Kiernan (AKA)  and lobola negotiations were had between the Tembes and Forbes.... I have always been happy with my daughter, and even when she introduced to Kiernan, I was very happy for her.”


“I knew Kiernan (AKA) loved my daughter, but I knew that their enduring companionship needed more than just love. It had to be promised and embedded in a Godly foundation,”

“I was determined to assist both of them in conquering their challenges, some of which I knew… Anele’s dream has been shattered, and so has mine.”

Moses, denied claims that his daughter was suicidal;

"Anele was neither suicidal nor did she commit suicide....Anele loved herself so much. She wanted to live more rather than less,”


He also preached against the use of drugs and alcohol;

“We need to understand the forces that put us in a situation that we find ourselves in.....we must, as a matter of priority, deal with the scourge that bedevils our youth”.

“Alcohol, which is overused, and drugs, especially if we envision our youth contributing meaningfully to our nation-building and economic development efforts.”

Moses, pleaded with the rapper to receive salvation

“Kiernan, I think I know what you are going through. I know the pain that you are feeling. In the face of extreme emotional pain, bigger women and men report to all sorts of remedies of what they consider to be remedies. My son, I invite you to turn to the Lord. And in so doing, you will be assured of becoming a much better man.”