Harmonize and Sarah
Harmonize and Sarah

 Tanzanian singer Harmonize says he can't keep up with his single life. The 'Uno' hitmaker says he will either get back with his Tanzanian girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper or his Italian wife Sarah Michelotti.

He wrote on Instagram that;

"I can't keep This Single Life • Nataka kurudi Nyumbani mkataa kwao Mtumwa, Nina Nyumba 2 Peke Hebu nishauli Nirudi UCHAGANI Au ITALI??"

(I can't keep up with this single life. I want to go back home, I have two houses, where should I go back to? Uchagani (referring to Wolper) or Italy (referring to Sarah)

In another post, he said he wanted to start another chapter;

The singer has however had dramatic fall outs with all his exes. His first public girlfriend was actress Wolper. The two served couple goals but later separated.

Wolper then exposed the singer for having cheated on her with a Mzungu. It turns out that Italian bae, Sarah Michelotti was the mzungu.

After dating Sarah for a while, he proposed and tied the knot. Late last year, she called it quits with the singer over allegations that he was cheating with an actress.

The actress in question was Frida Kajala. She and the singer started dating and few weeks ago, they fell out over allegations that the singer was also hitting on Kajala's daughter, Paula Kajala.

Harmonize now wants to get back with two of his exes, Wolper and Sarah, would that really happen? Or is he doing it for clout?