Pascal Tokodi vows to be a brilliant dad to his children. The actor cum singer who is yet to become a dad said this in an interview with The Star.

"I will be a brilliant dad but I will not comment if we are expecting or not. What if it is true, what if it is not?"

This comes just days after his wife Grace Ekirapa was speculated to be pregnant.

In his birthday message to wife, Pascal described his feeling that Grace was going to become the perfect mother for their kids.

"As you turn a year older, I want you to know that you are cared for and loved,You'll make a wonderful mother and I can't wait to make you one.😉 You are my person. This is Always and Forever , For People Like Us!!! Would you look at that.Enjoy your Day baby, I love you.❤️"

He went on to give details of their first meet up at a restaurant;

"On a certain 4th , You walked in a certain Java,😌, It was my first time seeing you in person and I remember staring at you as you looked for a place to sit. You should have seen how wide my smile was when you chose the seat next to me.😄You ordered Pancakes, pulled out your laptop and started working, I on the other hand sat there looking at you wondering how I was going to make the first move, for a guy who usually has a lot to say , I was speechless that day, you must have noticed cause you looked up and smiled at me , I smiled back and that was the beginning of everything for me.😌 "

The two got married last year in a very private wedding whose footage was used in Pascal's music video 'You' featuring King Kaka.