Legendary rapper Nazizi is extending her earlobes, thanks to her culture. The 'Kenyan boy/girl' hitmaker took to social media giving fans an inside look to her family's culture.

"Thought I’d share a little bit of my family history and origin of my name. My Father @firozhirji is half Indian and half Tanzanian," she wrote.

"His father came from Kolkata and his mother from Mbozi, which is in Mbeya, southern Tanzania. He named me after his grandmother. Na is the title for the firstborn daughter followed by their mother’s name."


The rapper added that;

"Na (firstborn the daughter of) zizi (root in Kiswahili). Hence I am the firstborn daughter of root. That’s why I’m super proud to be the root's daughter. I’m so proud that my parents gave me an African name in those times when English names were the norm."

Thanks to her culture, Nazizi is expanding her earlobes also to honour the women before her.

"Many people have asked me why I’m expanding my ears. My answer: culture. My grandmother and my great-grandma Nazizi had theirs ears expanded traditionally,"

"I always struggled with identity and never felt like I fit in anywhere but I always sought to connect with all the cultures I come from. I will soon share the story on my double nose piercing."