Idris Sultan
Idris Sultan
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Idris Sultan has been featured in Netflix movie 'Slay' together with other African actors among them Ramsey Noah.

The movie is about girls that show off their wealthy lives when in real life, they are poor.

Speaking to Clouds FM about the struggle of getting into this project, Sultan said he had auditioned for other movies without success;


"I failed a lot. I failed Coming 2 America, I had reached the last stage but I think there was certain politics...Probably they thought of the visa, accommodation...But they decided to take an African who lives there" he said


"I did auditions for 'The Witcher' . I also auditioned for 'Escape Room 2' La Casa. And for 'Money Heist' I was the one who looked for them"

 Sultan says he almost got the 'Money Heist' job but was taken in by the authorities before he could send in his final audition videos.

The comedian and Big Brother Naija winner was arrested for photo-shopping the late President Magufuli's face while wishing him a happy birthday.