Legendary rapper Prezzo has asked people to appreciate one another especially in the music industry.

The 'Mafanz' hitmaker gave an example of the late rapper DMX;

"Its not that people didn't know he was sick and needed help. No one came out to help him. And so he is being given flowers when he can't smell them. And thats what wrongs with us...."


"It saddended me that people flooded to go burry him but I was asking myself, where were they were when he was hospitalized"

He went on to praise fellow artiste Nonini;

"I salute Nonini, he posted Wyre's new music. Appreciate someone when they are alive."

"When someone dies is when we praise them..."

He concluded by asking people to change. Prezzo is promoting his current project featuring Vivian dubbed 'Uko Tu Sawa'