Nikita Kering's song cover
Nikita Kering's song cover

Nikita Kering continues to drop tracks off her deput EP. The songstress has now released the music video to the track 'Ex'

Previously, the 19-year-old had dropped the singles 'Never Let You Go' 'Where You Been' and 'Better Than Ever'

Asked about what motivated her to write such a deep she said;


“Every single person in my inner circle has been in that dark place, in a relationship, either once or more times, simply put, a toxic relationship. Ex is a story within a song that we all can relate to and in my own version I choose to put myself in their shoes, which I have walked”

“Ex is about that person, who realizes that the road they’ve walked is a mistake, and still giving the bad decision a chance. In time they realize, the constant cycle is exhausting, and they choose themselves. Simply put, they choose peace of mind, they choose themselves.” Nikita concludes.

The video takes you through love, unacceptance, heartaches, healing like you have never seen before. Ex is a journey.


This is s Nikita’s first release in the year 2021, It’s easily the best first treat for the year, and crucially gives you, the fans, a front seat to her upcoming EP 'A Side Of Me”

The 7 track EP takes you through a journey, that only Nikita, in her own words, can relay to us with a voice of the angels.

NIkita started singing at the age of three and developed her talent over the years. Last year, she graduated from Brookhouse School with a Diploma in Business and Technology in Music (BTEC Music).