I have to limit this list to 5 because I'm in a bit of a time crunch, but if we are honest, this list could go for a few lengthy miles.You might think I'm anti- men, but I'm I really? It just feels like men want to piss us off sometimes. I see you, you want to really stand up and say, " well, you do things that piss us too! Your arguments are almost always illogical."

Needless to say, all of this is simply a part of life, and often the price we have to pay when we decide to share our lives with someone. Personalities clash and miscommunication occurs.

Let's jump right into that conversation, you might need to take notes and have that snack because it's going to be a heated one.


My mum and my ex-girlfriend are still good friends

as if meeting a guy's mum isn't intimidating enough, now you have to worry about her comparing you to the ex. Even if your ex and mom are best friends or sister, I seriously don't care, that piece of information need to fall under the "don't need to know" category. Keep it yourself dude.

Chill Out


Gas lighting women with annoying words like 'chill out', ' calm down' is a douche move. They have to be the worst words in the English language. When I'm really heated the last thing I want to hear is chill out, relax, calm down. They make me feel crazy and want to tell back, " why don't you chill out yourself?"

That Outfit looks flattering than the one you had on yesterday

What's wrong with you? Could you try to be a bit sensitive. You have the privilege of conscious thought, use it. There's nothing more infuriating to a woman than backhanded compliments. I know people believe that girls like bad boys,  but if you're trying to be one on purpose, wrong approach 'Mr man'. When you compliment a woman like that, most know they look good, they're aware, so you just come off stupid!

Aren't you on diet, you still want to order dessert

We all know girls who constantly complain about how much calories they consume, hell I might be one of them. But just because we complain to you guys doesn't mean you have to turn into our nutritionists. Do I want dessert? Then let me have some. I'll watch my weight by myself!

You look really tired today

This is just a big slap in the face, and I know you know it. Telling someone whether a guy or girl that you look really tired today is basically the same as saying, " hey, you look like sh*t," I don't care if she is okay or hit by a truck, it's never okay to tell a lady that she looks tired.