By now you know that media personality Jalang'o plans to vie for an MP seat in Langata.

Jalas says since he announced the news, people have been calling him Mheshimiwa, leaving him in confusion.

"Life is very beautiful and really strange.. I have openly declared my candidature for Langata as the next member of Parliament! Oh my ! It has been a roller coster and a beautiful journey! "


"Everyone now calls me mweshimiwa and I get suprised and confused!! Yes! How do you call yourself mweshimiwa when the people you represent are still hungry, angry, hopeless and almost giving up in life! How do you sleep in peace knowing you are mweshimiwa and there is nothing to show for it?"

Jalang'o solo
Jalang'o solo

He went on to say that unlike other politicians, he vows to keep his promises once he is elected.

Adding that people shouldn't call him Mheshimiwa untill he does what he has promised his people.


"They say Jalas is just talking because he is not in yet! Akiingia atasahau! I hope I dont! Thats why my slogan is UTU NA WATU! HUMANITY AND PEOPLE!! So please dont call me mweshimiwa until I have done the work to deserve that name!!"