Adenkule Gold
Adenkule Gold
Image: Kiss FM

Adenkule Gold has worked hard to be where he is. Speaking to Kamene and Jalas on The Morning Kiss, AG Baby said four years ago, he came to Kenya when very few people knew of him.

"I broke out in 2015....Those are the years that people know, I've been at it for like for the longest, there are years where I thought in my head I was Bruno Mars. I found my nitch and thats where I am right now."

"I worked for it. I came here with the aim to just get my music popping, the goal is to be a global so I came here"


Adding "I say this to say that tenacity is very overlooked and most people want to be handed."

"I am grateful that the handwork is paying right now."

He went on to give credit to Kiss FM for always supporting him "I'm honoured to be back on the station that plays my music a lot."


He is married to fellow Nigerian singer Simi who he said she couldn't tag along with him as she had her own gigs.

But whats the secret of staying glued together while in the same industry?

"First of all, we are fans of each other. We support each other, we have one goal and root for each other and that's how it should be done. "

The 34 year old says he's been on the road since July. He will be performing this weekend at the destination Africa concert.