Kiss FM presenter Jalang'o says borrowing your woman money should be the last option. Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Jalas said;

"Men from the word go were created as providers."


"You should provide, things can go south and you may not be in a position to provide. And your babe becomes the last option."

He goes on to say that some women might show disrespect once they are the providers.

"She becomes your Central bank, Immediately a woman knows you are operating because of them madharau inaanza."

He advised men to find a way to borrow money from someone who is not their woman.

"Boychild, if you are in a position to get it from somewhere else don't ask for it from your woman. The whole world will know she provided."

"Madharau itaanza and you will always be reminded of your inability to provide.Whatever they give you will never e yours. It will always be attached to them.If you get something from a woman try as much as possible and return before everybody knows about it."

In a past interview with this writer, Jalas revealed that his wife paid for their first date as he had forgotten his wallet at home.