image: Courtesy Harmonize

Harmonize is begging his ex-girlfriend Fridah Kajalla to go back to him. The Tanzanian star took to social media to ask her not to give up on their love.

"Fridah my love, don't give up on me. I'm sorry, I know I did you wrong."

"Reason I'm coming back is because of the plans we had...I hurt you."


In another post, he added 'Come back, I'm going crazy, I don't even know what I'm writing."

The singer also shared a photo of some flowers and chocolate and wrote;

'I know what she likes but I can't deliver. Someone please help."


The singer said he is human and has feelings and that's why he took to social media to ask for forgiveness.

He was recently dating an Australian woman but the two have confirmed they split as the relationship would be a long distance one.