Nigerian singer and songwriter, producer has announced ‘Leading Vibe' a new biweekly radio series. Tems says she will be “shining a light on women, artists, and creatives that are finding their way, finding their voice, and talking about how to be good soil—something that greatness can grow out of,” and bring “Africa to the world.”

“Women need each other. We need to be there for each other in a real way—and I think, for a long time, not just in music but also in life, women haven't really had a community, a real type of understanding."

She adds that it is because most of the time women are pitted against each other.


"There always has to be one ‘top person.’ But imagine if we were all ‘top’—then the standard of living would be better. I see it's happening already because we're all realizing that we need each other. Nobody can do it alone.”

The project features some of Tems’ favourite songs and artists, old and new.