Nigerian superstar, Davido Adeleke has hinted that he is no longer single. The 'If' hitmaker took to Instagram to mention how his circle of friends are all single.

"All My Niggas Single. Damn."

He followed the post with a comment that read;


"Me, I'm not!"

This comes about a year after he split with his fiancee Chioma. The couple started dating in 2017. In 2019, they had their introduction, days later, the singer proposed to the chef.

That same year, the couple welcomed a child. This is Chioma's first child but Davido's third child as he has sired two others with two other women.


In 2021, the couple broke up with Chioma deleting all Davido's photos and videos from her social media.

Nigerian media pundits say that a photo of Davido cosying up with an American model was the reason behind their break-up.

The same year, Chioma took to Instagram to speak about how people look happy and healthy yet are miserable on the inside.

“Understand this, you can sound confident and have anxiety. You can feel healthy but feel like shit. You can look happy and be miserable inside. You can be good looking and feel ugly. So be kind because every person is fighting a battle you know nothing about”.

The two met in school. "My friend used to date his friend," Chioma said in a past interview.

In an Interview, Davido said they had planned to do their white wedding in July 2020 but the covid-19 pandemic was a distraction.

“Honestly, corona messed plans up because it was meant to be in July. I have decided probably sometime next year. For now, I want her to work on her business while I work on my album and the kids. I want everything to balance first.”

In a viral video, the singer was heard saying he wanted to marry her as she was the most beautiful woman.

“Because she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She feeds everyone in my house, the gateman, my sisters, my friends everyone. She is the boss lady. She arranged the house and she is not afraid of anything.” 

Since Davido's revelation that he is in a relationship, it is not yet clear if the couple is back together or if he's found a new love.

We can only wait and see.