Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe is advising her fans not to leave a man just because he cheated.

The businesswoman said the major reason she can break up with a man is if he is a liar.

"I would never leave a man for cheating. But I'd be quick to leave if he is a liar. I'm not your mother. I won't beat you up! We are adults keep it 100! Especially black men lie for no reason at all."

She said on Instagram stories

She went on to advise women with sons to raise them well not to be liars. According to her, most black men are liars.


"I've dated too many nationalities and dating a black man is like going in a mase! It's too much hard work, you can easily go Mental and the reason is their mothers. Y'all women with sons do better for the next generation of black men!"

Huddah recounted how her ex-boyfriend used to lie to her to a point that she couldn't believe it when he was telling the truth.

"My ex used to tell little lies that even when he is sick I wouldn't believe it ft for shit! I have to see him in ER with a hospital gown to believe it! He could die in front of me and I think he is playing because I need evidence, bro."



"Once you lie once, it's hard for a woman/ man to trust you again. Once you lie to me once even if it's for a joke that's it. Everything you say is a lie! you might have to bring a whole cow to believe it's beef I'm eating! I just can't!" Huddah wrote.

Huddah has kept her relationships off social media.