after shaving head and eye brows
Nyota Ndogo after shaving head and eye brows
Image: Instagram

Singer Nyota Ndogo has shaved her hair...and I must say she looks stunning. But her bald head has elicited mixed reactions from her fans, who are used to seeing her natural hair. Not forgetting her eyebrows.

Taking to social media, the Watu na Viatua hitmaker said she became tired of growing her hair.

"Nimechoka na nywele mailini nimekata zote mpaka za miguuni tena nimejikwangura na kijembe hii joto hapana." (I am tired of my hair, I have shaved all of it including leg hair. I cannot live with this warm climate.)

shows off bald head
Nyota Ndogo shows off bald head
Image: Instagram

Check out the reactions from her fans;

Risperoeri: Handsome boy

Kirohosafi: Ukisikia kichwa cha habari ndo hiki sasa

Gloriahippo: Nyusi pia hutaki wataka kukaa kama yai

NjengaGw: Mzungu amesema ni??

Anjelineremb: Wow i love your confidence

Kathomidan: Karibu niseme ni stevo simple boy

Tzcom: Sasa umenyoa kwa kiwembe au ungeenda saluni wazikwangue vzuri

The last time the singer made headlines was when she took to social media to narrate how her Dutch husband had ghosted her.

She pranked him that she was pregnant, a joke that her hubby didn't take lightly;

"We talked about having children, he said we have 5 of them, we don't need another one. By five children, he meant my daughter and son, and his own 3 children"

"We used to talk twice a day. So I called him one  morning, I remember he was brushing his teeth, I told him that I was pregnant. He said 'Hmm! What' then hanged up the phone. He did not say anything else," she said. 

It was until late 2021 that her hubby flew into the country to apologize to the singer. This was caused by a photo Nyota shared on Instagram faking that she had moved on with another man.

"Life does not need any anger. My husband has been angry since April. I am sorry, my husband is back after seeing my photos in a hotel. He came back to say he hasn't split with me and I cannot move on if he hasn't divorced me." She wrote