Rashid Abdalla
TV Presenter Rashid Abdalla
Image: Instagram

 TV personality Rashid Abdalla has paid tribute to his late 26 years later.

Rashid took to social media, sharing a photo of the later Mr Abdallah describing him as his best friend.

"#sisemikitu Tarehe kama ya leo 1996 babangu uliye rafiki yangu uliaga dunia. Daima ntamshukuru Mungu kwa kunipa baba kama wewe. Endelea kulala pema Mr. Abdallah."(A day like this in 1996, my father, my best friend died. I will forever thank God for you. Continue resting in peace Mr Abdallah.)


He continued;

"Mwenyezi Mungu akulinde na adhabu ya kaburi, akusamehe dhambi zako za siri na dhahiri. Siku ya hesabu ukabidhiwe kitabu chako kwa mkono wa kulia Inshallah Amin." (May God protect you from the punishment of the grave, forgive you of your sins. At the end, may He hand you the book in your right hand)

Rashid is husband to Lulu Hassan, a TV personality. The two are some of the most loved celebrity couple in Kenya.

They present news together at the same TV station. In a past interview, Lulu advised couples to work together,

"I think if all employers allowed for couples to work together, Kenya would be far ahead because it works."

She added that has managed to keep her emotions off the screen, when she is angry at her husband.

"We are all humans and sometimes we have disagreements. But I make sure to do away with my anger beef we go on screen because if I were mad at him on-air you would notice it. Working together cements the relationship because you have to make sure everything works.” 

Adding "He doesn't leave an issue unsolved for over two hours.”

She went on to ask fans to marry their best friend

“Marry your friend.We got married in 2009 and I have no idea how fast the time passed because we are friends."