at Kiss FM studio
Kamene and Obinna at Kiss FM studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kamene Goro and Obinna are analyzing what it really means when a Kenyan woman says she needs a favour.

On The Morning Kiss, Kamene asked Obinna to explain. Obinna says the first thing he does is not block them.

"Block,block and because that favour is rent, school fees, nails, gas."

He went on to say that a woman borrows according to how she is rating you as a man

"There's a man who will be asked for gas, another one data and then tokens, Iphone 13 and human hair."

Obinna said he is not well ranked as women ask him for gas, tokens and food.

"Waheshimiwa are the ones asked for Malindi and Diana vacations.  Then there are others for Dubai trips."

He went on to say that just like men, every woman has a price.

"There's a woman you can get just by buying her lunch another one drinks, there's one that you'll get by treating her, another one an out of town expedition. There's others whose price is love. There's one for money."