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Kiss FM Presenter Obinna in studio
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Kiss FM presenter has helped Shiku, a listener, try to find out why her friend Nelson kicked her out of his house.

In his Kikao segment on The Morning Kiss, Obinna tries to help people get solution to things other people have done to them.

"Call Nelson and ask him mbona alinifukuza kwa nyumba (Call Nelson and ask him why he chased me out of the house" asked Shiku

When questioned, Nelson told Obinna that "Juu nyumba ni yangu aende kwa yake ake huko, sawa? Na next time usinipigie kuniambia swali za ujinga kama hizo. (Because the house is mine, she should go to hers. And don't call me to ask such questions again" he then hanged up

Obinna adviced Shiku to find another option as Nelson sounded like he was over and done with her

"Aki shuki enda tu kwako kama huna kwako tafuta tu kwa mwingine. Huyu hataki stroy zako whatever you did I don't know but do what you have to do."

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