when they were dating
Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux when they were dating
Image: Instagram

Juma Jux has told his ex-girlfriend to call him when she misses him even though she already has a man.

(Jux was dating songstress Vanessa Mdee before she moved on to date American singer and actor Rotimi)

In an interview with Wasafi Media, the singer clarified that he doesn't write songs for a specific person.

Speaking about his song 'Sio Mbaya' that was rumoured to be directed to Mdee, Jux admitted that it was a breakup song.

"We can break up but we don't have to be enemies because life goes on. If you miss call me, you can be with your guy," he said.

He went on to say that he might have a deal that can help her so no need to throw shade at one another.


"After the relationship, it's not a must to create hate or enmity," he insisted.

Jux recently released a song 'Simuachi' featuring Huddah Monroe as a video vixen.

He clarified that he and Huddah are just friends even though they are seen kissing in the video.

"I am in a relationship and I know Huddah is dating. So the question of the two of us dating does not arise. But I will answer this question some more another day. Anything can happen."

Responding about their vacation in Zanzibar, he said;

"There is nothing like that. Nothing. That one in Zanzibar? It was a very long time ago."

Adding, "If I was spotted with her or met her, It could be normal just as friends do meet and hang out."

So what about when Huddah was seen wearing his jacket in South Africa?

'"A video showing her wearing my coat? Everyone can buy a coat like mine. She is my friend and the two of us have met many times, it might be somewhere else and not in South Africa, why South Africa? She is my friend just like others are my friends."

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