Image: Kiss FM Kenya

There's a new sheng in town!

Kamene Goro and Obinna are reacting to the new sheng words. But Kamene seems not to understand what the youngings are saying in their new sheng which is now dubbed 'Shembeteng'

Obinna explained to Kamene that the new Shembeteng has their own vowels

"Mbata, Mbete, Mbiti, Mboto and Mbutu which is like aeiou"

Obinna went on to give an example: "Mine is english, wangu is Kiswahili and wambatangu is sheng."

Adding "A little is english, Kiasi is Kiswahili and Kiambatasi is sheng."

Kamene thinks its an age problem but Obinna totally disagreed with her.

"It has nothing to do with age." said Obinna "What defines a language? Something spoken with a number of people. Something spoken by one person is a situation. These people are speaking in tongues."