Guardian Angel and Esther Musila
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

Gospel minister Guardian Angel is celebrating his wife Esther Musila's birthday, as she turns 52 years.

Taking to Instagram, the 'Nadeka' hitmaker described his wife as adorable and respectful.

"You my love are amazing. You are adorable. You are respectful. Loving and kind You are so beautiful. You are sweeeet! YOU ARE MY LIFE. Happy Birthday my Queen"

Adding "Thank you my love. You have made my life so beautiful. Thanks for Coming."

Esther also thanked her husband for gracing her life with his lovely presence "For adding the sweet measure of your soul to my existence. This is my 3rd birthday that I celebrate with you. Every one of them has been the most memorable and special."

She went on to say that having the singer in her life has made her a better person.

"I thank the Almighty everyday for bringing you into my life. For walking this journey of my life with me, I would never have wished for anyone else. The way you love me, you make me feel loved and taken care of and protected. Thank you for reminding me what butteries are like. I looooove you sooooo much. Thanks for Coming my G."

Musila also thanked God for her parents.

"I am alive and happy is the best thing in the world. I am so thankful for this amazing wonderful life God has given me. He has made me turn into the person I am. I am a unique child of the Almighty.  There is and will never be anyone like me. Bless me with the strength and determination to always put my faith in You regardless of the situation I find myself in."


"The world is my stage and I have played diligently so far, and I am grateful for every journey travelled. My wishes for the new year are more love, more laughter, more peace, more fun, more good days than bad, simply more!May God continue to guide and protect me all the days of my life. Happy 52nd birthday to me Esther."

The couple got married in January this year.

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