and her fiance Billnass
Singer Nandy and her fiance Billnass

Tanzanian singer stepped out on Monday with an oversized shirt at a press conference, days after her trip from Turkey.

The singer has been sharing passport photos on social media, something that has left fans speculating that she might be pregnant.

The 'Kivuruge' hit maker did not confirm nor deny the rumours.


"Pregnancy is a good thing to a woman. If I am pregnat, I am not able to keep a secret, the stomach will come out and I have a lot of things to do so you will see."

She continued "I have always prayed to get pregnant. When God wills, I will be grateful."

Early this year, the couple did a traditional wedding and revealed that they will be having a church wedding in July.


"Tutafunga ndoa siku chache zijazo.." (We are getting married in a few days to come)

"It's not a secret because we are Christians and we need to do a white wedding."

In a past interview, Nandy's fiance Billnass said he wishes his kids are born inside a marriage

"The wedding is soon, everything is planned for July if all goes well and God fulfill everything. I am ready to be a family man,"

"I wish to get a child after marriage and that is all that I am planning."

Billnass was confident that their love will stand the test of time.

"We have gone so much together. We would have separated a long time if I was with someone else. I know the feeling of not having her in my life. I don't want to lose her again. The breakups are the things that build us. I believe she loves me from the way she appreciates me. I love her so much and I am not ready to lose her again."