Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kiss FM presenter Obinna has been asked by a caller, Joy, to ask Joy's brother why he is flirting with their house help and whether they are dating.

“Call bro yangu umuulize mbona anakatia house manager wetu” Joy wrote to Kiss FM (Call my brother and ask him why he is flirting with the house help)

Speaking to Obinna On The Morning Kiss, Joy's brother did not confirm nor deny that he was really dating their help.

"Househelp mgani? Huyo dem aache hizo yeye aishi maisha yake. Ashughulike na maisha yake na aache kufuatilia maisha ya watu ovyo ovyo, kila mtu aishi maisha yake.  (Which house help? She should just live her life. She should stop concentrating on other people's lives)

The brother said he was 21 years while the help is a 27-year-old.

Obinna's Kikao segment on The Morning Kiss seeks to give give people closure as Obinna asks the question on behalf of the listener.

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