Sam Spedy
Sam Spedy
Image: Instagram

Sam Spedy alias Mama Ojo, Papa Ojo or Ojo has been in the country on a media tour for the last two days.

Aside from his core business, he is excited to tour the country and partake of what the land has to offer.

Now, here are ten things you'll need to know about the Nigerian comedian.


His real name is Samuel Oluwafemi Asubiojo. He was born and raised in Nigeria. He is the second born among his four siblings.

He pursued his medical profession at Zaporizhzhia State Medical University in Ukraine, which he completed three years ago.

His journey in content creation began in 2015, when he derived his character name from his last name Asubi ‘Ojo'

With over two million subscribers on YouTube, his content is based on an African home set-up, with his character ‘Mama Ojo’ being a no-nonsense mum who won’t let Ojo prosper in being youthful.

Kenya is one of his largest fan- bases. Based on his YouTube statistics Kenya is ranked as the number one country that indulges in the content he puts out. Could it be that most of us relate to the character Ojo or do we just love a good laugh? Either way, we are definitely here to stay.

He acknowledges Basket mouth and Bovi as some of the people that inspire him in his arena and Kevin Hart on the international scope.

Sam says that comedy is not easy at the start and one can easily get discouraged but consistency is the most important factor in any field and hard work pays.