Diamond Platnumz
Tanzanian artist Zuchu boo'd up with her boss Diamond Platnumz
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Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz continue to prove to fans that their love is flourishing.

Even though both of them have not come out to admit that they are an item, their actions tell it all.

Zuchu has released the song 'Fire' a love ballad to her lover. At the listening party of the song, Zuchu invited close friends including Diamond Platnumz.


They performed the song together and it was evident how cosy they looked together.

The couple danced together, touched each other, and at some point, Diamond laid his hands on Zuchu's thighs and touched her behind.

"Baby baby, me na we in a thousand lifetimes,  baby baby me na we in a hundred ways," reads part of the lyrics in the song

"Akisikia joto, namuogesha, namulaza mapajani, nampepea vizuri. Namrudisha utoto, anmnyonyesha....(I shower him when he feels hot, I lay him on my thighs and cool him. I bring out the child in him when I breastfeed him...)"


Announcing the song, Zuchu wrote on Instagram that;

"4.4.2 Listening Party 🎉 🎉🎉A small Get Together With a few Friends At my place Kuanzia Saa 4 usiku ..Bila Ya kusahau Kibao kata🙌🙌🙌🎉🎉🎉Invitees Only Tukutane Badaae."

After her dancing video with Diamond, fans thought the two looked good together.

Check out fans' reactions below:

Phil phil: I can't stop smiling they look good together for sure diamond 🤣🤣 platinums now u need to grow together

Junaid Bin Laden: Wow!!, They're so cute banah, mashallah, Yani me nkidhani kiki kumbe kweli eti,🤩😍 all the very best to their love journey.. our very own jay and yoncé ama ndio cardi na offset ❤️💯👌

Shelmith Wambui: Zuchu makes Diamond happy...Never seen Diamond so happy like he is now...They make a perfect couple...#They are like the Kathniels of the Philippines..Love the song#Hit 2022#1 trending

Kwibuka Genocide: This couple is so brilliant 😍 for next decate

Nasra Ali: Wow wat a wonderful song my people ❤️ fire is on fire 🔥 😍

Neema Kagulia: Diamond Diamond you are happy with Zuchu ! Wakubwa tunaona ! She makes you a happy man, usimuache mko vizuri. Your couple is unique !! Your couple is natural, unajiachia naturally 🙏😋 from Holland👍

Denis Dejo: The Lioness and Lion himself. Honestly speaking I have never seen Diamond so happy with a Woman in Public like he is with Zuchu. Such a Happy and Beautiful Couple.

Jazmin Msangi: I real love this two people when they are staying tgther💖💖💕

Tey Chris: Ila to be honestly jamani! Diamond 💎 Yuko happy Sana sijawahi muona hivyo!! Iam very very happy for them!! Ati uzuri! Mwanamke tabia bwana!!🥰🥰🥰

Nadia Amish: Zamani nilijua mond na zari wanaendana ila for sure mondi na zuchu ni perfect couple ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Janice Mwendwa: I can't stop laughing ❤️❤️❤️❤️I can't say how much I love this girl aki,,,much love zuchu❤️❤️