Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kamene and Obinna were asking listeners on The Morning Kiss whether they would raise other men's children.

"There's a special crop of me that take the responsibility, you love a woman and her child," said Kamene

Kamene added that for women, it is different as every other dude has kids "Very rarely will you find a guy who doesn't have kids out there."


Asked whether he would raise a child sired by another man, Obinna said;

"Is that a question, Kamene you know the answer. It depends on the circumstances that the child is found. If you already have a child and I bond with them, I will."


Obinna said he wouldn't raise a child that was sired after a woman cheated on him while they were dating.

"But If I am with you in a relationship and you get a child out of this relationship, just leave the child for their biological father."

He insisted "But if I meet you with a child, I will take you and your child. When men get a child outside the relationship, chances are high that child will not be brought, they only bring it when the baby mama wants drama. But chances are high you will not live with this child. I'm a firm believer that a child has to live where the mum is."

"Anytime I look at this child I see your infidelity."

Kamene added that women have been doing raising other women's children without complaining.

Obinna also noted that there are men who have been raising kids who are not their own and they don't know.

In a past conversation with Kamene, Obinna revealed he has three baby mamas and four children.

"I have three baby mamas and four children. I am not giving up on love," he said.

Kamene on the other hand has previously admitted that she is still making a decision on whether or not she will want to give birth.

"This whole nine months pregnant, then I hear things like your body rejects a pregnancy. I mean it is very scary," she said.