Hand on mouth
Image: for Unsplash by Kristina Flour

There are phrases we are accustomed to, but some are uncalled for and invite hair pulling.

Some include;

I want to use the toilet


Being in a professional meeting and then someone goes; I want to use the toilet, would attract a lot of head turns, and unspoken concerns. For example, you didn't have to notify us, woowz, why are you taking us back to primary school, lower primary, for that matter?

To avoid the side eyes, here are some suggestions;

I want to use the restroom,


I need to go ease/relieve myself,

I want to use the lavatory,

I want to visit the loo

Excuse me, and walk away.

I am going to powder my noise

Who polluted the air

I don’t know which one deserves pressing charges more, using the toilet or polluting the air?

It’s embarrassing to say that out loud, unless you want to make people laugh or irritated.

Rather say;

Who passed wind/gas?

Who cut the cheese?

Who is blowing off?

Who is letting her rip?

Let’s be upstanding

It's a phrase that is commonly used but gives a 'Nah' kind of vibe to it, up-standing? No.

Rather say;

Let’s be on our feet

Let’s rise

Let’s get up

She/He is fat

Where do you get the energy to call someone fat?, this day and age?

It's rude, and it's wrong. It just doesn't sit well unless sis stole a boyfriend, or no, we ain’t calling anyone fat.

Nevertheless, someone may be saying it from a genuine place because they don't know better.

There is a connotation that the media has portray's that one is supposed to be petite, but I must admit the narrative is changing.

Rather say;

She/He is thick

She/He is plus-size

She /Heis chubby

Can I sit down

Can, denotes a no or yes answer, and that's a bad place to engage when uncertainty is felt.

When 'can I' is used, it asks if one can do a thing

It's more appropriate to use May I. It is more polite and asks if you are allowed to do a thing

So, May I sit down, takes the rather say home.