Corazon kwamboka
Corazon Corazon kwamboka
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Corazon Kwamboka has continued to hit back at her baby daddy Frankie. This comes days after Frankie told a Tanzanian media that Corazon had been dealing with daddy issues.

Corazon first took to social media to say that those are things she had shared with him in confidence.

The socialite now says that she won't be speaking about the issue anymore.


"I am not talking about this issue anymore. I was pissed and I a realizing that if I continue to be pissed, I am the one who will be wasting my time here."

in the past
Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka in the past
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She went on to speak about how she was diagnosed with clinical depression after giving birth.

"Women are used being traumatized by people around us. I mean where do you draw the line'. I'm pissed. I've been respectful."


"Tried my best to co-parent and maintain an amicable relationship even with all the disrespect I receive on a daily for 'my kids.' My kids need a sane mother."

She continued;

"I've been told I didn't have post postpartum depression because I wasn't diagnosed. 'post postpartum kila siku' were the statements said by a fellow woma."

This is while my baby is 2 months. I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I begged for help I was told leta watoto tulee while you get your mental health right. I dusted myself no one was going to take my kids. I rose like a phoenix. "

Corazon then hinted that she has moved on and has a new man;

"Finally I'm doing better. I've healed/healing. I have an amazing man. You decide this is the time to torment me and expose me for what! What do you achieve."

Corazon and Frankie dated for about two years and were blessed with two kids.

Previously, Frankie was dating Maureen Waititu, a relationship that ended in bad terms with both sharing their dirty linen in public.