Watch: Exclusive details about Nandy's upcoming wedding

Nandy and Billnass are set to get married this coming weekend

and her fiance Billnass
Singer Nandy and her fiance Billnass

Tanzanian singer Nandy says she will not show off her child on social media. Speaking to Kalondu Musyimi on Instagram live, the 'Nimekuzoea' hitmaker said;

"I want the child to grow and make its own decision on whether it wants be on social media or not. About opening a social media account for the child to get gigs or promote products, its a no. I have so many ambassadorial deals and I can feed it from that."

"The father and I have already decided that we won't be sharing the child's face or flaunting it on social media."


Nandy went on to say that after giving birth, she plans to go on tour a few weeks later.

"It is my first time being a mum and I don't know how it is going to be or if I will be required for me to take a break. But If all goes well, I am willing to start working immediately after my baby comes," she said.

"For now I want to continue working. It's God's plan and I know I will be able to travel. My baby will be with me all over," she added.


Nandy explained the many ceremonies she's had to do before her church wedding this coming Saturday.

"Last week, I had a ceremony that was planned by my friends, it is part of the wedding and it involved my friends and my family to just come and celebrate me," she said.

"The last ceremony will be a sendoff that will be on Thursday 14th. My lover's family will be coming to my home to pick me. And then, I will get married on Saturday, the 16th of July."

On whether she and her fiance are under pressure to hold a big celebrity wedding, she said;

"The pressure is always there for anyone planning a wedding but I appreciate Billnass's family and mine for they are super supportive. The pressure is there but the main thing is to have a successful wedding," she said.

"It's an invites only with more than 1000 people attending but we are thinking of reducing it to about 700-800," she said.

She added that she has invited most celebrities including Kenyan stars.

"What I will tell people is to look out for the day and expect international guests and even from within East Africa."

Nandy is engaged to Tanzanian rapper Billnass.