Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan
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 Zari Hassan is already missing her new bae after their Kenyan tour together. Zari who was in the country for business brought her much-younger lover along with her.

She has now shared a photo of him describing how much her heart yearns for him;

'Miss You,' she wrote.


Zari and this new guy started dating after she broke up with fellow Ugandan, GK Choppa.

Asked why her new bae has been following her, she wrote;

“He is my husband, Case close," she said.


“I am at work and my husband doesn't get involved with the things I do) he respects me," she said.

So why didn't she meet up with Diamond or his family while in Tanzania after her Kenyan visit?

"I do not have to tell social media if I met Diamond, or if I met Diamond's family. It's not a must."

"Because we are already a close-knit family, and I always talk to Diamond, the whole time, we talk about our children, we talk about other things how we are doing na vitu kama hivo."

"So it's not a must if I have spoken or met Diamond in Kenya that I must put it on social media, that 'Ooh I have met Diamond!' I am not a fan to tell the media I have met Diamond. I am the mother of his children, not a fan."

Speaking about their break up on the Netflix reality show 'Young, Famous, and African' Zari said;

“You gave me away…Baba T you know I was here for you like I would deny for you, I would take a bullet for you, but every time I did that for you, you did the opposite, me and your kids were being attacked, I had nowhere to hide,” she said.

“When these people start producing receipts of your behaviour, what you did, and the receipts are in our faces, I pull out and say yes he did it…” she said.