Diana Marua and her husband Bahati

Content creator Diana Marua wants her husband, Kevin Bahati, to undergo a vasectomy so she doesn't get pregnant again.

Diana who is expecting a third child said the pregnancy was unplanned and that she went into an emotional and mental breakdown when she found out she was pregnant.

She was speaking to Mungai Eve on her YouTube channel.

"Bahati should get a vasectomy. That is the only sacrifice he can do for me. I have sacrificed so much for him including carrying three babies for him."

Diana said she was not ready for another as she did not want to go through some weird experiences from her previous pregnancies.

"I went into a mental breakdown. I was so sick and having all sorts of emotions running and remembering what I went through in my previous pregnancies, I was scared but I think time heals," she said.

"I was afraid my face would break out. My other pregnancies were my worst and I knew I was going back to that."

Diana said before she learnt that she was expectant, she had been on a skin routine and her skin was glowing.

Diana explained that even now, she is careful about her diet to avoid adding weight.

"I look at myself in the mirror just to check if my face Is still okay and all that. I am a testimony that all pregnancies are different," she said.

Diana said she struggled with excess weight gain after her first pregnancy.

"In my first pregnancy, my nose could swell, I could get pimples and people could not recognize me. I was at 92 kg and I think that is why people used to call me mama Bahati," she said.

" was so big and now I am so aware of how to balance my diet. I am trying to manage what to eat."

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