Sandra Teta
Sandra Teta
Image: Instagram

After hinting that Ugandan singer Weasel allegedly beat his girlfriend and baby mama Sandra Teta, Chameleone's wife has gone ahead to show more evidence for her accusations.

Weasel is younger brother to Jose Chameleone.

Photos went viral of a bruised Sandra on social media with speculations that she had experienced domestic violence.


Hours after the photos went viral, a post was shared on Sandra's social media saying she had been beaten by a gang of thieves at night on her way home.

“In reference to the pictures circulating on media, on my way from work on Friday night, I was attacked by unknown goons who fled with my phone, hand bag and 1.3M,” 

“I have for the past one week been on treatmentand I am steadily recovering."


Jose Chameleone's Daniella Atim wife took it upon herself to ask fans to pray for her, shutting down claims that Sandra had been beaten by thieves.

"Yes I saw this ,different people sent me this and want my opinion. ..,I will tell you what I think when I am no longer upset ,I have learnt to hold my tongue when am angry .

For now let’s all gather here and give good advice to @the_real_empresstee_ .Am sure she will be following through .#healinghearts#"

In another post, Daniella shared photos of an injured Sandra that were taken in December last year.

"These are pictures of Sandra in December ;Sandra needs all of our help ,in any form .

She needs all of us to raise our voices to help her with the first most important thing ,her confidence.

Let’s all put our weight behind Sandra and help her walk this journey."

Daniella added;

"Dear ladies,there is no better time to empower a fellow woman than now .All you self proclaimed feminists ,the time is now .

Let’s Speak up,let Sandra’s voice be heard through ours .Sandra’s children deserve better.#healinghearts#"

In another post, Daniella shared photos of two kids, which she said were Sandra's and had been 'dumped' outside her work place.

"These are Sandra’s kids being dumped outside her work place.Traditionally these kids are also my kids .Do we ever pause for a second and imagine what impact this scene will have on these innocent children 10-20 years from now?Let’s push for the help Weasel needs,the justice Sandra deserves and the safety the children are entitled to.#healinghearts#"