Zari Hassan is celebrating her firstborn's birthday. Pinto Tlale is Zari's first born son whom she sired with late estranged husband Ivan Ssemwanga.

The two also sired two other sons, Raphael Junior and Quincy.

Taking to social media, Zari celebrated her son's birthday in a message that read;


"Happy birthday @pinto.tlale. Seeing you growing turning into a responsible young adult is one of my biggest flex. Love you son❤️07.08"

Pinto also took to social media to write;

"Another year, Another motive🗣."


Zari recently shared a video of Pinto being trained to manage their family business; Brooklyn Schools located in South Africa.

According to reports, Zari's son would manage their family business once they are 18 and above.

In a past interview, Zari said that they had built the wealth together as they met each other without wealth.

"When we got together we had so much ambition. Looking at him he had so much potential and when he looked at me he saw my force.

So we combined both our energies and created an empire. I never inherited anything from him. There were times we drove a car whose doors wouldn't even open, but people did not know that.

But now when someone sees you posting a Lamborghini they say 'she inherited it."

Zari clarified that she hadn't inherited anything from the property

Ivan Ssemwanga passed away in 2017 after he suffered a heart attack. He had been admitted at Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria.

Before being rushed to hospital, Ivan had attended the Blankets and Wines concert in Uganda as his last event together with his friends where he was seen only drinking water and soft drinks. This was unlike him as we knew him as one that would not party without drinks.

Ivan aka The Rich Gang President parted ways with Zari after 12 years of marriage.

He relocated to South Africa in 2002 with the help of his cousin, where he ventured into providing education services.

Before his death, Ivan together with Zari were running the Brooklyn colleges which has 6 branches spread across South Africa.

Ivan had Several mansions in Uganda and two posh houses in Sandton and Pretoria, South Africa.

He died at the ripe age 40 years old.