Diamond Platnumz
Tanzanian Bongo artist Diamond Platnumz
Image: Courtesy

Diamond Platnumz has revealed that he is set to start his airline. In a recent interview on Metro FM's 'The Touch Down' Diamond said that in his ten-year career, he's wanted to do many things apart from music.

"I got into music, then opened a record label, a TV station, a radio station, a betting company, and now about to open an airline called Wasafi Air."

Diamond recently bought a helicopter which is yet to be shipped to his home country, Tanzania.

"I just bought a helicopter. I bought it a few weeks ago but it takes time. I was told after four weeks, it going to be in Tanzania."

Diamond added that his helicopter will be able to fly at night unlike most of them.

"It's part of the airline. The one that I bought is gonna be the first helicopter in East Africa that can fly at night. Most of them can only fly during the day." 

According to the Pilot Teacher website, When helicopters need to fly into remote and dark parts of the region pilots lose their visual cues of where the horizon is and this becomes a problem as the pilot will not know which way is up. On moonless nights it can become impossible to see what is ground and what is the sky.

Diamond went on to say that he's bought the helicopter to help people in case of emergencies.

"It is an executive one. It's going to be there in case of emergency. Sometimes, we need to think about others, not only us. People think we buy these things for luxury, but we don't."

He went on to explain that the police and other organizations might have it but don't believe that an individual owns such.

Last year, he bought himself his dream car, a Rolls Royce. He had previously been calling himself 'The Rolls Royce musician from East Africa.'