and her fiance with their child
Anne Kansiime and her fiance with their child
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Comedienne Kansiime made a decision to keep her pregnancy a secret for nine months. The Ugandan star posted about being pregnant after she had given birth to her first child

"Being a mum saved my life after my parents died. I announced my pregnancy after I had welcomed my baby. The day I left the hospital was the first time I posted about being pregnant," she told Bump Love

She added;


"Opinions had cost me so much before. I kept it a secret because I didn't want the devil to hear," she said.

Kansiime said she had lost other pregnancies and decided to keep this one a secret.

"I lost so many pregnancies for speaking about them. Subconsciously I felt that was why I was losing my babies," she said.


"I would be pregnant and I don't know, but those who know I am pregnant maybe were the reason I lost so many."

Kansiime sought prayers after the miscarriages;

"I started taking stock of why I was having miscarriages and finding the reasons. I started praying for the times I aborted in campus and praying for the men I have ever been involved with," she said.

"I asked God for forgiveness and I asked Him for a child."

In a past interview, the Ugandan comedienne said she had previously investigated on why her pregnancy journey was difficult.

"My journey to getting pregnant is not a short one. It started while I was still in school," she said.

"I tried to investigate why it was hard for me to conceive and the doctors said my tubes were blocked, and so we had to start the process of unblocking them."

She opened up about trying IVF which eventually failed.

The Ugandan star is now blessed with a son called Selassie Ataho who is fathered by singer Skylanta.

"Thank you for giving life to our priceless gift (ok even me I was part of the process but ehhhhh how you carried on was memorable)Enjoy today ❤," Skylanta appreciated Kansiime in a past Instagram post