Behaviors men don't like from women- Obinna

Obinna had three-pointers, no borrowing hoodies when you intentionally left yours among others.

Obinna addresses things men hate
Obinna and Kamene. Obinna addresses things men hate
Image: Kiss 100

In the morning Kiss conversations, Obinna tackled matters that most men don't like voicing out to avoid unnecessary drama, attitudes, and cold wars.

Obinna addressed ladies eating the man's meal, yet they ordered the same dish to kick it off.

"Sometimes we have ordered the same type of food, same! umechukuwa mchele-chicken Tikka, nimechukua mchele-chicken Tikka, lakini bado unaonja yangu, kwa nini (You order rice-chicken tikka, I order rice chicken tikka, still you want to taste what am having, why)?" Obinna tried to understand.

"Seriously that thing pisses you off?" Kamene in utter shock

"It pisses us off, it pushes us to the wall, ni venye tu hatuwezi ongea, nakuangalia tu but ndani tu niko, (It's just that we can't talk, I will look at you but, on the inside,)" Obinna said as he made a fuming sound.

"I am so sorry, honestly, heart to heart, I am that babe. In my head, I always think it makes you feel special like we have a close relationship," Kamene explained as she continued to share how she always did that to her former co-host, Jalang'o.

On his second pointer, Obinna called out the babes for asking for honest views, comments, and opinions they can't take.

"Number two, why do you ask for honesty if you don't want honesty? Ladies like being lied to, why are you asking me to tell you something and you already know the truth?

You want me to tell you a lie to make you feel good about a decision you made, and you know very well it is wrong." 

Kamene, in a quest to know whether wearing your man's hoodie was part of the list of things that men hate.

" And do you guys have feelings about your clothes, the hoodies, the t-shirts that we inherit?"

A grateful Obinna was glad she brought it up.

"That's not inheriting that's stealing, Ukiomba hoodie, rudisha na ukijua kuna baridi beba sweater yako. Mimi nabeba yangu wewe unasema no, am fine, then unaanza kutetemeka hapo kama generator (If you borrow my hoodie, return it. If you know it's going to be cold, carry your sweater. I cannot carry mine and when I tell you to carry you say you are fine only to end up shivering like a generator and then I am the bad guy)

Then unaniangalia vibaya, so mimi nipatwe na pneumonia because of your negligence?" 

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