Wakanda Forever.
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Travis Maina, the 2 year-old boy, who had a fork Jembe lodged on his head following an accident at their home when playing, appointment of a new Aide-de-Camp Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga and a new Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) head generated the highest interest among Kenyans, October Google Search data shows.

The boy’s last days culminating in his death while undergoing surgery at Kenyatta National Hospital generated a heated debate over Kenya’s capacity to handle such medical emergencies.

The new Aide-de-Camp’s entry excited Kenyans’ interest on who would replace former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ADC Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Lekolool following the ascendancy to office by newly elected President William Ruto as Kenya’s fifth president.


Mr Amin Mohamed took over at DCI following the resignation of Mr George Kinoti and immediately attracted national attention when he shared his mobile number saying he was open to receiving crucial information that would help him fight crime in the country.

A lot of people inquired online on the meaning of the renamed Huduma Day that was formerly known as Moi Day.

Mashujaa Day also attracted attention especially being the first public and national event presided over by incoming President Ruto.


The search results also reveal a penchant by Kenyans to keep abreast with global breaking news in the entertainment space notably movie releases and popular television series. 

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