Lukresia Robai
Lukresia Robai

Kitale nurse Lukresia Robai has landed a deal after her dancing video went viral. Robai has signed a deal with  Expedition Maasai Safaris and will be going to enjoy herself in Zanzibar.

"Not only did we award the amazing @lukresiarobai a 4-Day Zanzibar vacation but also made her our brand ambassador for the next 1 year. Help us congratulate her!"

Robai said; "I have received a holiday gift to Zanzibar for four days and three nights . I AM A HAPPY NURSE ."

Robai signs an ambassadorial deal
Robai signs an ambassadorial deal

Robai is a nurse cum transformation dance ministry who went viral after a video was shared dancing to a child patient.

Robai said it felt good being honoured and "To be part of that society or culture that promotes wonderful things in this life. Especially when I’m giving medications, because hao ni watoto, I go to them with some kind of movement that can fascinate them,"

In an interview with Citizen TV, Robai said she never thought that the video would be her breakthrough;

"I have always wanted to be a medical practitioner to take care of the sick, it was inborn. I have never thought of anything else."

"The video went viral after two hours. It is beautiful when you trend for nice things and positive vibes."

"I am an orphan, I lost my mum in form 3. I do not know my dad.I wish she was here to see how my life has turned out. It feels good to be part of people's lives."

She added "When you are a medic, you are dealing with life so you have to be creative."

Fans have congratulated her for her good work;

Brayo Onyash: she does a lot of good things but never posts them, that when you realize she's an angel❤️

Adee72: I got so emotional when I watched you cheer that sick baby up. Keep it up dear. You're so amazing❤️

Faith Kurgat: You're great girl😍...Keep doing what you do, don't forget to post that video you were dancing for the kid until she got well her

Mugareben16: keep doing what you love. Keep helping those children with your good work. God bless you 🙌🏾

Vickimicky: Keep up the goods deeds God will repey it back to u.

Bukusicoke: You deserve this and more, congratulations 🎉

Zhanegash: Shine on, the sky is your stepping stone 👌

Kmatkids: Wow😍😍..Continue making days for our little prince & princess❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

FavouredMo: May God open more doors. Well deserved

Cynthialittery: May your star continue to shine amreally happy for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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