Bahati, Bruce Melody, Harmonize
Bahati, Bruce Melody, Harmonize

Over the weekend, singer Bahati and Tanzanian singer Harmonize made peace. The two had been in a feud for about two years.

They were brought together by Ugandan superstar Eddy Kenzo who held a concert at Kololo Airstrip in Uganda.

After the news of patching things came out, Bahati confirmed the good news through a photo while holding Harmonize's hand.



Bahati, Bruce Melody and Harmonize
Bahati, Bruce Melody and Harmonize

The two started beefing after Bahati called out Harmonize for beefing with his former label boss Diamond Platnumz.

In his message in June 2020, Bahati told Harmonize to respect the fact that although he has made a name for himself, Diamond played a major role in his success.


“We don’t forget how we have been helped just because we’ve become stars, no!” he said.

“Don’t bite the hand that fed you. And if you’ve happened to read the Bible in Ephesians 6:2, my religion teaches me to honour my parents and in this case, #WCB is your father and mother.”

Adding that; “You don’t have to create one (beef) with Diamond to be at the top. His mistakes cannot be compared with the kind heart that pushed him to pick you up from the streets and made you who you’re today. God used him to introduce you to the world,” he said.

The EMB President went ahead to appeal to Harmonize to apologize to Chibu Dangote. 

“Apologise and walk away with your blessings bro," he said.

Check out fans' reactions;

Small829: My God keep blessing eddy kenzo for bringing harmonize and bahati closer coz forgiveness is everything, we hope soon the be the best ever collaboration of bahati and harmonize

Snappy styles closet: Yea that's the way to go👏..stop inhering other people's enemies


Marycute: Ni nini unanyenyekea ivo ata wewe🤷unakaa nikama unabeg picha...stand for yourself and Kenya Bahati.wewe ni jina kubwa pia

Wambubetty: ❤️❤️🔥🔥spread the ❤️ in EA en all over the world we all one.

Itsyourboylinus: Inakaaa ulikua unaomba msamaha 😂😂usivunjwe vunjwe Kama omondi😂😂😂😂

OCSKanamboh: Si pia utupostie vida ukiperform....wakenya mnapenda kuforce issues😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Angiealaine: Tembo doesn't hold grudges with his minor's😂😂😂😂😂

KevinK254: When bahati is begging for a collabo.

Roy_royalty: Diamond alikuwa amekuhotspot umchukie that diamond hataki story zako unaenda kwa harmonize😂