Wema Sepetu
Image: Instagram

Wema Sepetu is a woman in love. The Miss Tanzania 2006 recently unveiled her lover, rapper Whozu.

In the few weeks, she's been together with this musician, Sepetu says respect is a major aspect of the relationship.

"Heshima ni kitu muhimu sana kwenye mapenzi...inaanza heshima alafu ndiyo mapenzi... Ukimpenda mtu muheshimu...!!! Kama humpi mwenzako heshima then mapenzi yanakuwa ya kusuasua... Waheshimuni muwapendao..”


"Respect is very important in any relationship. It starts with respect and then love. If you love someone, please respect them. If you don't respect your partner, then there is no love," she wrote.

"Respect those you love," she added.

A few days after unveiling her new lover, SEpetu set the internet ablaze when she asked her fans to bury her if she ever gets dumped.


"Ukiniacha wanizike, waje wanizike...❤️❤️❤️." (If you leave me, I'll be buried. They'll come and bury me,"

Sepetu and Whozu revealed to fans they were dating when the singer surprised the former Miss Tanzania on her birthday.

They looked all cosy as they shared a kiss in a video that went viral.

"Wanaonuna na wanune tu jamani. Kupendwa raha jamani. Nyie hamjapendwa nyie bwana. Hawajapendwa hawa. Hamjui nini maana ya kupendwa," (Let the haters hate. Love is beautiful. You don't know the meaning of love because you've not been loved.) she wrote on Instagram

She added that she was happy, thanks to her lover.

"All that matters is my happiness. My happiness comes first and the rest follows. For a very long time, I've not been okay, I've not been happy, I've been very sad, I've been crying. Ever since I met my lover, I've been joyful."

Real name Oscar John Lelo, Whozu was born on March 10th 1996. He's released songs like 'Chawa' featuring Rayvanny and Ntosh Gaz, 'Ding Dong' 'Sijui Nikoje' among others.

The couple has now been dating for over a month now.