7 of Kenya's hottest bald men

These men carry their clean-shaven heads with such pride and know how to totally pull the look

Mark Masai.
Image: Instagram

Following Sauti Sol's Bien enraged post towards 2022's Hottest Bald Men list which was conducted by SEO agency Reboot I have decided to come up with my own list featuring our hunkiest men both single and coupled up.

1) Mark Masai

Image: Courtesy

Practically among the main reasons why I watch the news! Mark tops this list because of his gorgeous smile, eloquence, fashion sense, mannerism, and the fact that he is unproblematic.


Sadly, he is off the market as he tied the knot with the love of his life Fiona Nduta in a private ceremony that was held at the Nairobi Chapel, Ngong road. 

2) Bien Aime Baraza

Image: Instagram

Chairman of the Bald Men Association.


Bien carries the smooth bald look with such elegance and pride! Also, his height, check. Facial features, fashion sense, and vocals have him coming in second to Mark.

And just like Mark, this hunk is off the market. Bien is married to choreographer Chiki Kuruka.

3) Nick Mutuma

Nick Mutuma
Nick Mutuma
Image: Courtesy

Munene Mutuma aka Mr. ladies' man.

Lie to us that you were not madly obsessed with Nick every time he graced your TV screen in a new movie or featured in a music video.

He's got the height, smile, beard, handsome facial features, and a toned body to go with the looks.

It seems no one till now has been able to make Nicky settle down. Although he has one kid with model Bridget Shighadi.

4) Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo

Larry is just Larry. 

With his infectious laugh, eloquence, impeccable fashion sense, and symmetrical facial features, there is no way the journalist would be missing from this list.

And just like Mutuma he's also still an eligible bachelor. 

5) Fidel Maithya

Most people know him as Dr. Leshan from the local TV series Selina.

Fidel gives off such hot mubaba vibes.

He's always fresh and clean and the beard works really well for him as well.  His fashion sense is amazing.

6) Dennis Okari

Dennis Okari

The news anchor boasts a bald head and a short goatee unlike most men's full beads.

He's eloquent, has the height, great taste in fashion and mannerisms as well.

7) Gilad Milo

Photo: Courtesy GILAD MILLO

The musician, practically the only light skin in this list, has always rocked a clean-shaven head and he carries it as beautifully as his vocals are.

Is there anyone you think should be on this and we missed them? Let me know in the comment section.

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