Harmonize vs Diamond round 3: The feud that never ends

The two musicians have not been able to see eye to eye since Harmonize exited from Wasafi records

Harmonize with Diamond Platnumz.
Image: Instagram

Ever since bongo star Harmonize left Diamond's Wasafi Records the two have been at loggerheads taking indirect (and sometimes direct shots) at each other on their online platforms.

And now it seems this feud is far from coming to an end.

Konde Boy just released a new song, a remix to thehit "Champion" featuring Kontawa and boy does he make no point in hiding whom he is talking about,


Using his talented penmanship Harmonize throws clear jabs at Diamond and his whole team.

"Nimetoboa mbele mkubwa na Tale, kipara na sake wa tandale. Hizi si zama za kale mziki uko huru kama kama kambi ya kamare.

Piga mziki tumebaki wawili haikuwa riziki wanangu Cheed na Killly.... waambie Konde Gang ni jeshi ya mtu mbili. I'm the winner now, I'm the champion..." part of the song goes.

Rayvanny, Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz.
Image: Instagram

But what seems to catch everyone's attention and confirms that they're shading Konde Boy's former boss is a line about marital affairs.

The line goes, " Tumeshinda watu wanao amini kwenye mpango wa Mungu kuna mkono wa mtu... Tumeshinda watu wanao tembea na umeme lakini bado nyumbani walikosa luku (a reference to Diamond not being able to settle down/keep a relationship)"

They then go ahead to sing about how in the beginning "they" thought that Harmonize would not make it or his success would dwindle but that has not been the case.

In the song, he makes it clear that he has achieved more success (under his wife, Frida Kajala's management) outside Diamond's Wasafi records than when he was tired of them.

Since its release, the song currently has had over 401 thousand views and 14 thousand likes.

Two weeks ago, while releasing his album 'Made for Us.' His single, 'My Way' made headlines as he shared his thoughts on past life and all the wrangles, he was involved in.

Talking about Diamond, Konde Boy said the WCB CEO was afraid he was flying higher than him.

"Even that brother of yours, I didn't want to fight with him...He had pressure fearing that I would surpass him...I cannot satisfy everyone or not do something because I fear people," said Harmonize.

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