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Did your relationship survive the December holiday? Well, over the holiday, Kamene Goro saw how the streets behave when it comes to things like love.

While on her Mombasa holiday, the Kiss FM presenter opened up about how she saw people breaking up. 

"A lot of people had a lot of fun over the holidays but at the same time, the holidays also put a bit of a strain on some relationships but others actually flourished. Some were put on hold as people went into relationship B, they've come back to the main route relationship."

She advised those going on vacation with family to avoid taking them to clubs. 

"I saw marriages breaking in Mombasa. When you are going on holiday with family, don't take them to the club. It never goes right. A slay queen walks past them and the guy followers her to the washroom."

While still in Mombasa, Kamene met up with Stevo Simple Boy who late last year admitted that she (Kamene) was his celebrity crush.

She gushed over how nice Stevo was.

"He's so funny. One celeb I can tell is genuine with you guys. He doesn't have maneno mob."

"I was even asking him about his ex akasema huyo dem ni kichaa. He's still celibate. I also met him in Diani, he is a celeb. He even has to hide himself. He doesn't drink alcohol but women love him."

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