Harmonize introduces new boo after breakup with Kajala

The bongo star said he was willing to give love another chance

Bongo star Harmonize introduces new boo
Image: Instagram

Wueh if kuoga na kurudi soko was a person it'd be Tanzania's superstar Harmonize!

Barely two months after confirming his breakup with his actress fiancee Frida Kajala, the artist is already in a fresh relationship. Just like that!

I just want to know when people meet, talk, realize they like each other, and decide to date in such short time frames.

Taking to his Instagram stories the bongo artist posted a video on his new boo thang captioning it, "love is a gamble..." accompanied by several love heart emojis.

In the video, the lady identified as Feza Kessy can be seen smiling as she comfortably lounges on a seat. Then the video shifts and we can see Konde Boy giving the shawry a pedicure.

Cuteness overload huh.


Harmonize can be seen patiently trying to get nail polish on Feza's toe nails as he smiles when he notices the camera on him.

Feza then points to her toes trying to give her new catch pointers.

Harmonize also took to his page to post pictures of the two at the beach with him holding a surfing board.

"No mara waaa!!!!!!! @fezakessy ❤️❤️" The 'Wote' hit maker captioned the post.

A week ago Harmonize had hinted that he is about to get into a new relationship after he was dumped by actress Fridah Kajala.

The singer said he is ready to give his new woman a car by the end of the year if she accepts to call him 'baby.'

"Will you call me baby if I give you one of these on new year's?" He asked in a photo that shown a fleet of cars.

I think this guy has a warped misconception of love and material things.

He went on to explain how he'd do it.

"Normally, I make you rich first, so we can be on the same level before I call you my wife. Kuna mtoto wa mtu anaukaribia utajiri kabisa kwa maono yangu (There's a girl who is about to get rich)"

I guess now we all now who that new girl is. Hopefully this goes better than his past 5 or so relationships of last year.

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