Dennis Karuri
Dennis Karuri
Image: Twitter

Make-up artist Dennis Karuri is trending on Twitter thanks to his style.

Karuri's latest photos have left netizens talking about how beautiful and stylish the makeup artiste is.

He is pictured wearing a blue pair of ragged jeans, black pair of heels, and a black top.

His braided wig complements the look with perfectly done makeup.

Dennis Karuri
Dennis Karuri
Image: Instagram

In a past interview with Adelle Onyango, Karuri narrated his first time doing make up.

"New Year's Eve 2018-2019, I got a booking, from this famous Kenyan DJ, and she had a PA who is very flamboyant and queer, who is now my friend."

"I did makeup on the DJ, and the DJ insisted her PA needed makeup too."

"Immediately after doing his makeup, I sat down, looked at myself in the mirror, took a brush, and did something on my face."

"I made it masculine, but I popped on eyebrows that were concealed and I also did a gloss, it was popping."

"I went out and I actually was at my best."

"I posted a picture, and it got a lot of traction. Good traction majorly."

Check out what tweeps had to say;

Gina: I'm a babe but I can't even compete with Dennis Karuri

Sir Njahi: chelsea fans are now feeling what arsenal fans have been carrying at 17 years....or is it over 30years,alafu dennis karuri bwana umekaa msuri kuliko bibi ya jirani..

Edgarwabeiwr: The Dennis Karuri photo has made so many men come out of the closet with phrases like anga nikiwa mlevi napita na huyu

Otienoh: Mimi Dennis Karuri akibreathe my way siwezi mind

Sir-rap-a-lot: If you really think Dennis Karuri si mrembo. Upload this photo pale whatsapp halafu tegea comments za watu hawamjui. Na usikasirike uncle yako akisema "unaleta mgeni lini?" all the best

dt.Great: Meet Dennis Karuri, the man giving your boyfriends sleepless nights

Mutua B: You see Dennis Karuri shaking his solid waist swiftly and you wonder if it's the same thing that troubles Bosibori.

Sincerelyaudrey: Awwww Twitter men wanapenda Dennis Karuri....90% of the comments kwa picha zake hukua KOT men thirsting.